(414) 343-4056


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Harley-Davidson Customer Care,
3700 W. Juneau Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Additional Contact Information

Harley Owners Group:
Call: 1-800 CLUBHOG (1-800-258-2464)
Available: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM CST
Write: National H.O.G. Office,
P.O. Box 453,
Milwaukee, WI 53201


Financial Services:
Harley-Davidson Credit
Remember to contact Harley-Davidson Credit to obtain your pay-off amount prior to paying off your motorcycle loan to ensure accuracy.
(888) 691-4337 (888-MY1-HDFS)

Eaglemark Savings Bank
Riders – (888) 691-4337
Dealers – (866) 499-4337

Harley-Davidson Cycle Insurance
(888) 691-4337 (888-MY1-HDFS)

Harley-Davidson Visa
Customer Service: (800) 699-2281
To Apply: (877) 74-CHROME ext. 1206

Harley-Davidson Dealerships
Dealer Locator – Click here

Licensing Deparment
Call: (414) 343-4218
Email: [email protected]

Brand Protection
Email: [email protected]

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