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Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) come from all walks of life, and for that reason unfortunately there will be some that must be avoided. Thus, when we make contact with a company, we must keep note of the following so that we get the support we need:

  1. Tone

Does it sound like the CSR is uninterested to assist you? It’s possible that they may not be having a good day, but that’s not an excuse to offer customer service that is in harmony with their company’s corporate goal. Thus, listen closely to their voice to pick out if they have a friendly demeanor or one that is indifferent to your needs.

  1. Word Choice

It’s possible that you can be dealing with a CSR that might have decided to not be service-minded. From talking to them you will be able to pick out words that are unprofessional, dismissive, and just unhelpful.

  1. Interaction Focus

This happens more often when you’re talking to a CSR that is a millennial or generation Z: The focus and attention during your conversation might be a bit scattered. Why? Simple, the CSR could be legitimately multi-tasking to get their work done, or they could be on their phone or a non-work-related site that serves as a distraction. If you catch an agent more than 3 times not picking up on what you’re clearly communicating to them, call them out!

  1. No Active Engagement

Is the CSR thinking ahead as to what you may need? Are they responding or noting down your questions so that all service-related issues are resolved? Are you driving the call interaction that you’re actually in control of the call instead of the CSR? Be on the lookout for all these warning signs.

  1. First Contact Resolution Mindset is COMPLETELY Absent

CSRs are not perfect, they have a lot of their plate, and one of their main duties is to ensure customer satisfaction. If the CSR does not do ANYTHING to prevent a re-contact about a service issue that may require multiple contact, be careful about the information that you’re given. Unfortunately you could be dealing with an agent that lacks knowledge or foresight about your needs.

What can a customer do to avoid an unhelpful CSR?

  1. It’s essential the you keep the following in mind:
  • Time of call
  • Reason for call
  • First name of CSR or agent number
  • Keep track of the number that you called the company from!
  • Put the agent on hold
  1. Remain calm –

    You will but firm about your customer needs, do not yell at CSR. In not remaining calm, the agent may use this against you, even if later on their management finds out the call was not handled professionally.

  1. Ask to be transferred to a “More senior” CSR

There’s nothing wrong with asking to be transferred to someone more senior. The CSR may be feeling flattered but they should understand that they may not have the best answers for various reasons. By doing this you will most likely speak to someone with more experience or maybe even the one who trained the CSR.

  1. Dead end – If you cannot get connected with senior support, politely ask to speak to a supervisor

There should be nothing more helpful than asking to speak to the person in charge. It’s possible that you may have been talking to someone new that was not well equipped to handle your specific query.

  1. Escalate It’s possible that even after asking to speak to a senior agent or supervisor, the request is not granted. If this is the case, confirm the agent’s name. Do not mention what action you will take, simply end the call to collect yourself.
  2. Build a New Strategy

Use all the information gathered about the call to send an email explaining that your issue is not resolved and that you would like to be contacted directly by management.

Bonus Tip

Still have not heard from anyone? We have an a guide for just that here.

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