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How can you contact customer service when multiple channels exist? Depending on the industry, a company may need to offer multiple channels, or just one due to budget limitations and service delivery goals. As of result of this, as a customer we need to consider what the best option to reach out to a company.

In this current era of customer service, there are two types of channels of communication, live and static. Therefore, when we reach out to a company we can use the best possible channel.

If you’re frustrated with not knowing the best way to reach out to a company? Do you need insight from the customer service industry? Thus you can

Static communications

Communication that is slow but can be effectively used to file formal complaints

+ Pros

  • Can be used to file a formal complaint as a customer or consumer
  • May get the attention of a company’s management
  • Can help customer present their case without much heated emotion
  • If there’s digital or physical proof that a company has received a communication, it may help a legal case and or protect a customer’s rights.

– Cons

  • Customer may not properly explain their service or product issue, and it can be misunderstood
  • You can stay on the line until questions and concerns are address
  • Customer complaint can be easily ignored
  • May fall into the wrong hands within a company
  • It’s possible for the communication to not get to its intended destination
  • Getting the correct contact information may not be easily obtainable
  • The time it takes for communication to get to the right place can be slow
  • When a company responds, it may take extra time if they are diligent with the customer’s issue

Live communications

+ Pros

  • Fastest available communication that generally cannot be avoided
  • An escalation can be requested at anytime during the call
  • Short wait time if you know the best time to call for support
  • You can stay on the line until questions and concerns are address
  • Additional contact information can be requested in case of an escalation
  • Company customer service representatives who do their job well have to work hard to get answers to difficult questions.
  • Multiple questions can be brought to the attention of customer service representative
  • Follow up action can be requested like an email confirmation during a live call
  • If a customer service representative is not being helpful, you can ask to speak to someone else for support

– Cons

  • If you do not know the best time to call, your hold time can be 15 minutes, up to 2 hours+
  • Even if you come across a company that has a callback feature, your callback ma not go through
  • When calling from a cellphone, it might be difficult to be heard by the customer service representative
  • Calls may last a long time if you’re not prepared to talk

If you need to reach a company, use our free directory to pinpoint the best way to reach out to a company. For more tips on how to reach out to a company, use this free resource.


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