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Steps to finally reach those in charge…

Have you felt that you cannot go through to a company? Are they having issues taking calls, emails, or chat? Do you feel a need to escalate your customer-related issue, but cannot make contact with management?

Most companies do not prepare their staffing to deal with a high number of calls, and as of result of this, it could be very difficult to reach a live person for support. For this reason, we would like to share some insight that may help you reach out to a company for support. Use it sparingly, it will make a difference in your experience.

Here a strategy that will save you time and help you avoid headaches:

  1. Read the About Us page of the company that you’re trying to reach
  2. Determine what channels of communication are open
  3. Make a list of the dates, and times that you have used to make contact and more importantly, note the names of customer service agents.
  4. Does the company you’re trying to reach have any affiliation other companies or affiliates?
  5. Is the company you’re trying to reach present on social media? If so, you might able to reach out to those who should be able to help.
  6. Critical tip: If a company is listed on LinkedIn, go to the company directory to make direct contact with management

  7. Select a manager or supervisor and make direct contact, they should get an email notification even if they don’t check their LinkedIn account. If the company does not have LinkedIn, then be sure to use the company’s email instead.
  8. Write a clear and respectful summary of all the contacts you have had along with the dates and time and the names of the customer service representatives that you have been in contact.
  9. Send a message or email to the manager or supervisor with your completed summary to present your case and the expected outcome of what you need.
  10. Wait for a response within 1-3 business days, if no answer is received, send a follow up message.

To summarize, the greatest action you can take to finally make contact with a company’s management team is to make a list of all the contacts you have had with their CSR, along with the dates. This will show a history that cannot be denied, and more importantly if a company truly care about customer service, they will try to do everything in their power to not ever turn a blind eye knowing that there’s a strong social media presence that destroy their company’s future. Never hold back on recording everything that you say because this can be beneficial as long as you remain respectful. Never ever become abusive because no company will want any of their employees (mainly CSR) to ensure verbal attacks.

Once you finally make contact with management, then you can present you case, and share the history of trying to reach their company so that they can take action. You might be surprised as to what companies are willing to do to stay true to their customer service goals.

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