What is Customer Service? Not Knowing This Will Cost You

In this Knowledgebase What is the true definition of customer? Factors to consider before buying a product from a company. What do companies do to offer customer service.   Customer service has taken many different forms over the years; however, what has not changed is what customer service is all about – YOU, the customer. You, the customer, will always have a say in what companies do to earn industry respect, for it directly links to the most vital aspect of their operations: money. No business is in operation to lose money. The business model of a company will define the definition of customer service. Thus, the main driving force for customer service will depend on a company’s management vision and goals. Companies that give customer service have an operating budget that will account for hiring customer service representatives. However, not all companies create a customer service budget for their company’s short- or long-term needs. To best understand the definition of customer service, the following context should be considered. Annual Revenue Companies are in the business to succeed; thus, they have to use revenue and investment money to create short-, mid-, and long-term forecasts for their business. Advertisements Operating Budget … Continue reading What is Customer Service? Not Knowing This Will Cost You