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What is Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Neural Science, and Neural Linguistic Programming are no longer dreams for pioneers and inventors.

In today’s society, we live in an age that enables companies to delegate repetitive tasks to an AI. The idea of AI has been around since the 50s, with the contributions of Alan Turing, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell, and Herbert A. Simon spearheaded the growth of computing for the world. Fast forward to our day and age, AI-based customer service is already at work. How does AI-based customer service affect how we access service and support? Here’s a glimpse into how the world is changing around the use of AI technology.

What is AI?

AI is an area of computer science linked to the creation of intelligent machines or programs. AI can react and behave just like a real human being. It possesses the ability to perception, speech and sound recognition, and decision-making capabilities. This was something that, in the past, was only believed to be a part of science fiction. However, AI can match certain human brain functions and surpass them. Thus, AI technology can take many different forms and sometimes be utterly undetected by human customers in customer service.


What is the use of AI?

AI creators, designers, and programmers use this technology to eliminate errors and boost productivity. The natural effect is that humans will have to do fewer and fewer repetitive tasks in their workday. In fields requiring a high level of accuracy and attention, AI brings forth capabilities that assure quality previously not humanly possible. The ultimate goal of using AI is to have partial and complete integration into the workforce.

How exactly is AI being used in the world of customer service?


Chatbots are usually embedded in the contact or home page of a website. As customers, we may see them with robot-like appearance. Other times, they will have the picture of a human when it’s an AI mimicking human-based support.

Phone Triage System

When you call a company for support, what sounds like an actual human is just an AI program. You can interact with it, be directed to a live agent, or get general information. Companies, primarily financial institutions, use this system to lower the amount of contacts their call centers receive. This AI technology saves companies time and CSR resources, which saves money. When you call a company, expect your initial interactions to be handled by this company.

Voice Recognition for banking

Imagine calling your bank and not having to go through their verification process. This has been a reality for a while, but it’s not expanding. Instead of providing the answers to your security questions, you can use your voice. This reduces tension and can enhance security for customers who need to do their banking over the phone.

Service Tickets

AI can now receive service tickets that customers send in. When the AI analyzes the ticket, it can distribute it to different available agents or departments with pinpoint accuracy. However, it may take time for the AI to be calibrated to distribute service tickets correctly.


Forecasting Workforce Management Tools

Contact and call centers use AI that directly access data for incoming contacts. What this type of AI does is that it provides supervisors and managers with insight into their incoming call traffic. Even CSRs may not be aware of this tool’s existence. This AI will also build forecasting models for the future to ensure that a contact or call center is prepared to receive incoming contacts.

Will AI genuinely be in the future of customer service?

The way that AI impacts customer service delivery will change with time. Thus, as customers, we must understand that companies will use AI to be more efficient and strategic. When we call companies that use AI, we can be assured that a considerable amount of time has been spent refining the technology. This is generally a good sign that a company is committed to delivering excellent customer service.

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