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Never Do This When Calling Customer Service – Avoid Legal Troubles, Jail or Worse  

  • Never use threats
  • Do not take your frustration on a CSR
  • What to avoid when seeking support
  • How not to end up in jail


No matter what your needs are as a customer, you should keep the following in mind when talking on the phone with a Customer Service Representative (CSR). This knowledgebase is written from the perspective that you never get to see in other resources. If any of the following recommendations are not followed, it can affect your ability to get what you need from a CSR or worse, it can land you in legal trouble, jail or worse.

Never use any threats or language that can be used against you

When you make a physical threat, a CSR can contact their manager or supervisor for support which means that you could have a company reaching out to your local police for support.


For example, if you say that you’re going to kill the CSR that you’re talking to, this will immediately trigger for a CSR or agent to decide if they should call the police. When this is done, expect for your call to generate a report to your local police, thus as a customer, we absolutely must avoid letting our anger affect our ability to communicate with a company. Instead be calm Nothing defuses a tense situation for a CSR than just remaining calm and composed. If you cannot remain calm, ask someone to speak to your behalf. If you do not remain calm, it’s possible that tempers can flare up, and you can say things you will regret. If you cannot get someone else to call on your behalf, just call when you are most calmed and relaxed.

Do not take out your frustrations on a CSR

Nothing can compound a heated conversation more than taking out frustrations with attacks. Remember that CSRs are nothing but messengers for their company.

Don’t question their accent or ethnic background

Companies these days have to provide support in multiple languages and for this, CSR will come from different parts of the world. Thus, if you hear an accent or detect that the one helping you is not from the US, do not let that change the way you address a CSR.

Use ad hominem multiple times, get blacklisted, or worse

When customers get abusive, a company reserves the right to NOT serve them. You can and will get banned when you become verbally abusive. This won’t make it to the news but that’s because companies need to keep quiet about the abuse the receive from a customer. Part of this has to do with companies not wanted negative publicity that their customers have to resort to personal attacks to get what they want. Moreover, this simply protects the customer from possible backslash because it’s not impossible for a conversation to be leaked on social media. Always be mindful that your conversation may be recorded.

Don’t use your speaker

It can be frustrating when a CSR has issues with hearing your nothing, but this gets compounded when you’re on speaker. Be kind and speak directly into the phone so you can focus your attention your customer needs.

If you get busy during a conversation with a CSR, consider calling at a different time

Did you know that CSRs watch the clock? It’s something that can affect a CSR’s overall daily statistics that can determine a monthly or annual bonus.

Politely request for all the support you need in the first call

When set clear and realistic expectation about your needs, there’s a good chance the CSR will be able to assist you.

Take “No” with kindness but remain firm

Ask for an explanation as to why you are given a no. Maintain the conversation civil, and focused on your needs. If you keep getting a “No” for an answer, ask if there’s any written point of reference that you can follow up on in your own time. Unfortunately, it’s possible that what you are asking for is not realistic or reasonable.


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